Research & Projects
Research & Projects

Research & Projects

Approved Projects

Sr.No Project Title Departments Principal Investigator
1 Effect of One Time Application of Mobilization Versus Manipulation and Interaction with Psychological Factors in Patients with Chronic Non Specific Low Back Pain Physiotherapy Dr Daxa Mishra
2 Demographic profile and the health seeking behavior with Spinal Cord injury in and around Anand District Physiotherapy Dr R Harihara Prakash
3 Effectiveness of Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease(COPD) Physiotherapy Dr Jigar N Mehta
4 The effectiveness of supervised and home-based physical therapy in adults with Prediabetes Physiotherapy Dr Shweta Parikh
5 Barriers of lifestyle modification in parents with Diabetes Physiotherapy Dr Ashish Gupta