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Student Corner

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The alumni association for KMPIP was formed in April 2005 and is functional since then. The alumni meet on a periodic basis. Few alumni have shared experienced and taken lectures for undergraduate students also.

KMPIP ALUMNI ASSOCIATION arranged a special talk to enhance the skills of entrepreneurship for the outgoing batch on 25th March 2019. Dr. Ajay Pandey alumni of KMPIP and a graduate of KMPIP in 2003 had a vivid vision from the starting itself to establish himself as a renowned Physiotherapist. He is a proud owner of 3 clinics in very reputed locations of Ahmedabad city and all the clinics are flourishing. He gave an overview of how to establish oneself as a dignified physiotherapist in this competitive world followed by the ways to generate funds for establishing the clinics. He gave an insight into how to market your skills and techniques for attracting more patients along with the innovations that could be possible in the field and setting a benchmark.

KMPIP ALUMNI ASSOCIATION organized an interactive session on 4th February 2020 with our former student Dr. Kanan Trivedi, who currently resides in the United States. She was a brilliant student since her early days on this campus, not only academically but also in various extra-curricular activities. She shared how her undergraduate curriculum from here helped her achieve various milestones in her life and mainly her postgraduate study. She works in sub-acute care and gave an outlook on the ways to manage patients with sub-acute neurological conditions. She also shared her struggles to obtain a license there and showed the ways which could help the upcoming students. Also, the importance of the credentials from this institute helped her immensely, and how the practices here made it easier for her to study, treat and cure patients. She also answered the doubts raised by the students on various issues they will be facing and she helped them clear them.

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