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Student Council

There is a student committee to facilitate the students’ extracurricular and co-curricular performance as well as to develop non scholastic and managerial skills among them. Every year committee members are elected through interview with principal and student support group. The committee consists of the following members which are unanimously selected.

The committee members include the General Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural secretary, Joint cultural secretary, Sports secretary, Joint Sports secretary, Literature secretary, Joint Literature secretary and event management committee.

Each committee member facilitates/conducts the best practice among the students throughout the year. The following is the list of members for the year 2019-2020

Head Of Students Support Committee Dr. R Harihara Prakash
Student Support Committee In-Charge Dr. Shweta Parikh
Student Support Committee Members Dr. Ashish Gupta
Dr. Bhavin Patel
Dr. Siraj Ahemad
General Secretary Kshama Bhakta
General Secretary Mentor Jeet Patel
Treasure Committee Head Diti Dave
Treasure Committee Mentor Abrarali Saiyed
Treasure Committee Members Hiral Patel
Hitakshi Shukla
Diya Patel
Rashida Vasanwala
Cultural Committee Head Mishri Garala
Cultural Committee Mentor Pooja Pithiya
Cultural Committee Members Insiya Jhabuawala
Ashvi Patel
Bhumi Balwani
Ayushi Chawda
Literature Committee Head Swara Yadav
Literature Committee Mentor Aesha Patel
Literature Committee Members Aesha Patel
Nisha Patwa
Sports Committee Head Tej Shah
Sports Committee Mentor Drashti Patel
Sports Committee Members Shailesh Chamar
Bhoomisha Rana
Special Olympic Committee Head Harsh Parmar
Souvenir Committee Head Dhervi Goswami
Souvenir Committee Mentor Uzma Mirza
Shreyas Panchal
Souvenir Committee Members Heer Contractor
Ridhhi Vaghela
Hirva Joshi
Event Manager Committee Head Shreyas Panchal
Drashti Patel
Event Manager Committee Members Riya Patel
Shreya Joshi
Nilam Modi
Trusha Bhatt
Dhara Panchal
Dhanvi Jarsania
Nandini Mehta
Meera Thakkar